HydroHoist HP EPIC

HP EPIC- Our widest anti-skid walkway for a PWC Lift yet

The HP EPIC™ has the widest anti-skid walkways in our HydroPort Series fleet of ports. The latest entry design has the easiest load and launch of any PWC docking platform on the market. Our anti-slip walking surface provides the safest access around your craft. The HydroPort EPIC accommodates the increase in size and capacity of today’s PWCs. The EPIC provides for stable access, easy cleaning, fast covering, and deters intake fowling associated with marine growth – and protects your personal watercraft against rough waters.


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  • Dual in-line roller support utilizing high-performance rollers, adjustable to any craft
  • Wide anti-skid walkways for access around the craft
  • Ultra-tough polyethylene plastic construction
  • Exclusive “Air-Pillow” bow stop
  • Roller width and placement is easily adjustable to accommodate different models of watercraft
  • Stainless steel roller axles for increased strength and compatibility with fresh, brackish, and saltwater
  • Connects seamlessly with the HP Extreme model allowing you to grow your HydroPort fleet
  • Available in tan, gray & blue
Capacity Length Width Depth Weight
2,000 lbs.  / 907.18 kg 13’6″ / 4.11 m length 5’10” / 1.78 m width 11″ / 0.28 m depth 430 lbs. / 195 kg weight

Installation Guides
HydroPort EPIC Installation Manual – Coming Soon!
 HydroPort EPIC Spec Sheet 


Operational Guides